Circus & Music-Hall

Black tie clown 
With many years in theatre and circus, his talents of actor and improvisation will give rhythm and humor to your evening or any type of event. Brief introductions, short sketches or bigger circus tricks, as « Mr Loyal », as Master of ceremonies or as a clown, he will meet your needs at best.

Elegant juggler

Former pupil of National Circus Scholl of Annie Frattellini, before beeing a clown, he's formed as juggler, Three, five and seven balls, tumble and balance of bowler hats : specialist of bouncing balls and hats juggling, his circus act is always rich of skills and humor.

Circus comedian dog 
A short circus performance full of rythm, humor, skills and talent. Obviously Bébert the prankster dog won't obey but will be facetious. His « master » Lolo will be clumsy, touchy and most often completly ineffectual. A circus act for all publics and all places. 
8 minutes of laught and dog (dis)obedience.